Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wow; fitness-crazy

Ok, I don't know what has happened to Australia (although an early summer probably has a lot to do with it), but as my fitness in the recent weeks has dropped off considerably, a lot of my friends have been getting into running (Stephen B / Simon / Kate / Kylie / Jo / Rebecca), cycling (Adam / Pete / Jen), swimming (Karl) etc. and achieveing significant 'fitness' milestones (half-marathons, around the bay in a day). I don't know how to describe this - maybe as a 'reaffirming bubble' but as I head into Zurich's winter it is a significant motivator. So what to do?

Well, having thought about this for the last few days, and with only 74 days left in the year. I have decided to kick-off what I am calling a super-70; the aim? to be involved in some sort of fitness (of any sort) for 80% for the remainder of the year (for a brief review of why this is not 100%, read Martin Dugard's excellent blog) I will try and frequently report a rolling percentage, and more importantly will use this to motivate me into doing this. A few aims to achieve during this period:
  1. riding in snow-covered fields
  2. running through the city of Zurich pre-7am
  3. running around the Zurich sea up to 10km
  4. not being sore after Body Pump ;)
Lets see how things go!

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