Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Ok, I missed Sunday completely but have now been to the gym @ 6am for the last 2 mornings - and boy do I feel better for it. Indeed I am thinking that I will try and do some exercise for every day this week - why not? what is stopping me, I might even get out for a cycle (although the weather forecast is ominous!).

It does, however, make me question my own motivation(s). The last 5 weeks I did nothing. So what makes this week different?

focus: a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity

Yes, I am once again focused; why? well I resigned from my job, and now know that in 3 months I think I will be back in Melbourne, Australia - either way, it is now all about 2007; the rest of the year I am a spectator - biding time. Of course, I aim to enjoy my final 2 months in UBS, but I think my career / relationships (for it will be summer if I return) may all be grounded in next year.

I know that the last few blogs have been discussing fitness - before everyone thinks that I am too narrow-minded, I thought I would say that I share the view of Michelie Jones (Australia's most recent Ironman triathelete champion), in reading this article, I was signficantly impressed (if only she would write a blog). Basically, she races because she enjoys it, and she appreciated the experience of being beaten (for what she learnt!). Unbelieveable - especially considering the loss in 2000, Sydney Olympics where she was swamped within sight of the finish line. So yes I do fitness, not to be a champion, but to enjoy it - to get outdoors, to push myself, to take the opportunity while I still can (although I may still have a few years left in me, Michelie is 37 years old and she is winning Ironman!).

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