Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ok, I went for another painful pleasant 45 km cycle over the weekend. It was the second time that I ever have had a mini- 'blow-up'. That is, I felt completely drained, no energy left (most likely due to not enough food). It really is a tough feeling - you feel that you are pedaling normally but there is just no power. Still, it was heaps of fun - especially those downhill sections; there is just nothing like careening through those Swiss towns at 60 km/h + - that is adrenaline :)

And of course the photos ...

Rorschach, Switzerland Cycling - 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

And, the music I am listening to

Well, it has been one of those weeks. The music I was listening to was getting somewhat staid, so I went out looking for new music, and what did I found well, my current faves:

The Kooks - like The Vines / Artic Monkeys - new British rock is back; v.good!
Thom Yorke - lead singer of Radiohead, what else do I need to say

TV, I am watching

In a time which preludes the demise of mass media, it is interesting to see that TV shows have never been better! I say this because following a discusion at work, I started watching 'Heroes' - well after 5 episodes, what can I say?

It is fantastic. It is a story of how individuals deal with the sudden onset of 'super' powers (e.g. flight, cell regeneration, etc.). Yes, it draws heavily on X-Men, but also X-Files in that there are mystery government? officials, and 12 Monkeys in that there is a purpose for these people - namely to counter an apocalyptic event in New York. All I can say so far is - 'save the cheerleader'!

List of best TV shows over the last few years:

2003 - Battlestar Galactica
2004 - Lost
2005 - Prison Break
2006 - Heroes?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Ok, I missed Sunday completely but have now been to the gym @ 6am for the last 2 mornings - and boy do I feel better for it. Indeed I am thinking that I will try and do some exercise for every day this week - why not? what is stopping me, I might even get out for a cycle (although the weather forecast is ominous!).

It does, however, make me question my own motivation(s). The last 5 weeks I did nothing. So what makes this week different?

focus: a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity

Yes, I am once again focused; why? well I resigned from my job, and now know that in 3 months I think I will be back in Melbourne, Australia - either way, it is now all about 2007; the rest of the year I am a spectator - biding time. Of course, I aim to enjoy my final 2 months in UBS, but I think my career / relationships (for it will be summer if I return) may all be grounded in next year.

I know that the last few blogs have been discussing fitness - before everyone thinks that I am too narrow-minded, I thought I would say that I share the view of Michelie Jones (Australia's most recent Ironman triathelete champion), in reading this article, I was signficantly impressed (if only she would write a blog). Basically, she races because she enjoys it, and she appreciated the experience of being beaten (for what she learnt!). Unbelieveable - especially considering the loss in 2000, Sydney Olympics where she was swamped within sight of the finish line. So yes I do fitness, not to be a champion, but to enjoy it - to get outdoors, to push myself, to take the opportunity while I still can (although I may still have a few years left in me, Michelie is 37 years old and she is winning Ironman!).

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wow; fitness-crazy

Ok, I don't know what has happened to Australia (although an early summer probably has a lot to do with it), but as my fitness in the recent weeks has dropped off considerably, a lot of my friends have been getting into running (Stephen B / Simon / Kate / Kylie / Jo / Rebecca), cycling (Adam / Pete / Jen), swimming (Karl) etc. and achieveing significant 'fitness' milestones (half-marathons, around the bay in a day). I don't know how to describe this - maybe as a 'reaffirming bubble' but as I head into Zurich's winter it is a significant motivator. So what to do?

Well, having thought about this for the last few days, and with only 74 days left in the year. I have decided to kick-off what I am calling a super-70; the aim? to be involved in some sort of fitness (of any sort) for 80% for the remainder of the year (for a brief review of why this is not 100%, read Martin Dugard's excellent blog) I will try and frequently report a rolling percentage, and more importantly will use this to motivate me into doing this. A few aims to achieve during this period:
  1. riding in snow-covered fields
  2. running through the city of Zurich pre-7am
  3. running around the Zurich sea up to 10km
  4. not being sore after Body Pump ;)
Lets see how things go!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'm back!

Yes, after a 4-week hiatus which included a 2-week race around Europe, where I visited 6 cities (and my credit card got slammed). So how did the 'race' unfold - well after Prague, Czech Republic, I headed south-east to Bratislavia, Slovakia and then south again to Hungary, Budapest. Once there, headed to Vienna, Austria and then east to Amsterdam, Holland, and north to Copenhagen, Denmark! And at last, back to Zurich, Switzerland.

A great 2 week experience.