Friday, October 27, 2006

TV, I am watching

In a time which preludes the demise of mass media, it is interesting to see that TV shows have never been better! I say this because following a discusion at work, I started watching 'Heroes' - well after 5 episodes, what can I say?

It is fantastic. It is a story of how individuals deal with the sudden onset of 'super' powers (e.g. flight, cell regeneration, etc.). Yes, it draws heavily on X-Men, but also X-Files in that there are mystery government? officials, and 12 Monkeys in that there is a purpose for these people - namely to counter an apocalyptic event in New York. All I can say so far is - 'save the cheerleader'!

List of best TV shows over the last few years:

2003 - Battlestar Galactica
2004 - Lost
2005 - Prison Break
2006 - Heroes?

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