Monday, May 09, 2005


Due to the significant bruising I have on my right calf, foot today I was booked in to have DVT screen. This involved about an hour investigation where a medical radiologist? applied an ultrasound to my right leg. The technology was cool! I was able to see blood distribute to the leg and away. Unfortunately the pain was not enjoyable (as tends to happen when someone is pushing against bruises) and I had to go to work with ultrsound jelly on my entire right leg ;-).

Good news - no DVTs!

Friday, May 06, 2005

I can bear weight again!

So, the recovery continues - this morning I woke up and sort of, kind of, beared weight on my right leg!! This is significant because it means now that I only need 1 crutch so I can carry things when I am mobile (rather than having two hands on my crutches). On Monday, it will be 3 weeks post-surgery - and while I do not have the flexibility yet in the leg (ie. still can't straighten my leg) there are signs of recovery!


Well, I finally attended physiotherapy - at the Olympic Medical Centre - indeed I saw physiotherapist Katrina MacDonald.

I had only attended physiotherapy once before - for shin splints. That time, the physiotherpaist wrapped both my legs up with duct tape such that I left looking like Forrest Gump and in the end it had no effect. After a week of wearing duct tape from toe to knee (in the middle of summer no less) I removed the tape and the pain I was experiencing dissipated - so it was probably a self-mis-diagnosis.

So what was it like this time around. Well, firstly a clinical history was obtained. Following that measurements were taken at the straightening and flexion of the leg - both of which were poor. I recall that I could only straighten my leg to 12 degrees (I presume 0 degrees is the aim) and I could only bend my leg to 72 degrees (again I presume the aim is 90 degrees). Following this, came the 'therapy' - firstly I can say that my calf, and foot were still significantly bruised. Those areas being rubbed for 10-20 minutes really hurt. At the end, I was given some exercises (which I am dutifully trying to follow) and some ways to activate my right leg at work.

In summary, 1 day post physiotherapy there have been significant positives from attending physiotherapy. The first and foremost is that it showed how much pain the knee/right leg is able to bear - this gave me confidence to push against that pain (because I knew it was bearable). Secondly, Vitamin E cream was applied to the 6 holes I have on my knee - this showed me that the area of the knee is not as tender as I thought it would be and that 3 weeks post surgery some significant healing has occurred. And lastly, the advice for keeping the leg active at work meant that the amount of swelling *seems* to have decreased significantly (I can see the bones in my right foot again!).

In conclusion, I am looking forward to going to physiotherapy next week.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Return to work

I have returned to work and after 1 day at work, I have elected to work at home tomorrow :-). Here is a record of my last few days:-

22nd April, Day 1 home (from hospital):- arrived back to home around 10am; sat at computer for most of day, intermingled with some watching of the Hitchhiker's Guide to Galazy (original BBC series - wow it is weird!);

23rd April, Day 2 home:- knee bit sore in morning, post shower though able to bear weight and walk to MCG; watch the Hawthorn Hawks lose; walked home from the MCG (around a 1km walk). Went to bed at 9pm, ran a temperature; started taking pain-killers again at 6.00am after being unable to sleep;

24th April, Day 3 home:- unable to walk; bear any weight on affected leg; put leg sock back on; painkillers every 8 hours;

25th April, Day 4 home:- unable to walk; bear any weight on affected leg; observed bruising on left foot;

26th April, Day 1 work:- unable to walk; bear any weight on affected leg; observed bruising on left foot; very taut calf muscle; bloated left leg, including left foot. Surgeon contacted me, believes there has been significant bleeding in the leg; require time to heal, need to stay off right leg.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Well, it is now 6 days post-operation and well I am confused in regard to the recovery that is taking place. I continue to be in no pain (when I am not moving), however, I have noticed that, what I like to call transitions are extremely painful. That is, when moving the leg from one state to another - so standing up is painful, stretching the leg straight from a bent position is painful, and in general any movement with the leg makes it painful. It is interesting but the entire left side, and back side of my right knee are now heavily bruised, so therefore, I do not know if the pain induced from leg movement is related to the surgery itself, or extraneous movement post-surgery (which may have led to the bruising). Moreover, I am confronted with variations in my right leg's ability - so at time I cannot even weight-bare, however, at other times, I am able to function almost-100% (eg. I was able to walk home from the MCG after seeing my beloved Hawthorn Hawks which equates to about a 1 km walk).

As a result of this, I have now reutrned to pain-killers (2 Panadeine) twice a day. I have another day off tomorrow and then I attend work on the Tuesday, so I will continue to monitor the state of my right leg.


Well, I am back after four days in hospital, post right-knee synevectomy. Ok, so this is what happened:-

18th April, Day 1 post-operation (in hospital):- arrived back to room around 4pm; received pain-killers and anti-inflammatories and as a result no pain; felt slightly woozy 4-5 hours post-operation, informed that I had lost 800ml of blood from knee (drained via a knee shunt); nurses checked blood pressure, temperature every 4 hours; revealed that there were now 6 arthroscopic holes in my knee.

19th April, Day 2 post-operation (in hospital):- received continuous passive movement therapy; first attempt at standing post-operation; unable to bear weight without significant pain; blister on knee from bandages.

20th April, Day 3 post-operation (in hospital):- received continuous passive movement therapy; physiotherapist instructed on various leg strengthening exercises; able to walk slightly; significant bleeding occurring as a result of walking, and knee shunts being removed - discharge postponed another night.

21st April, Day 4 post-operation (discharge):- able to walk strongly (with the assistance of cruches); no bleeding; bandages re-applied; knee very inflamed; still on pain-killers; arrived back home

Monday, April 18, 2005

Knee surgery

The day has arrived.

Ok, I am scheduled to arrive at the Mercy Private Hospital today, just past 12.00pm to have a total right knee synevectomy. Oh - can't wait! I must admit that having waited now for about 5 months for this surgery that I am somewhat relieved that it is here and I can now have the surgery and get into recovery mode. I have the next 7 days off work, so post-op I have planned:-

(1) watch a lot of DVDs
(2) read 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'
(3) prepare a presentation for work on the 29th April
(4) update my resume

So bring on the pain management - oh and a disclaimer - the next few blog entries may be under the influence of pain killers!

Monday, April 04, 2005

PVNS - knee ailment

Ok, I thought I would start up my web-blog again as I am going to have some time on my hands. So what am I talking about? well on the 18th April, 2005 I am going to partake in right-knee synovectomy. This is the treatment for pigmented villonodular synovitis (PVNS) which I have been diagnosed? with for the last 6 months. Ok so what does Google say about this? Well here are some links below:-

Great diagnosis because according to the links, PVS is very rare, benign condition that affects 1 in every million people - surely I can't be that lucky, or should I say unlucky ;)