Friday, May 06, 2005


Well, I finally attended physiotherapy - at the Olympic Medical Centre - indeed I saw physiotherapist Katrina MacDonald.

I had only attended physiotherapy once before - for shin splints. That time, the physiotherpaist wrapped both my legs up with duct tape such that I left looking like Forrest Gump and in the end it had no effect. After a week of wearing duct tape from toe to knee (in the middle of summer no less) I removed the tape and the pain I was experiencing dissipated - so it was probably a self-mis-diagnosis.

So what was it like this time around. Well, firstly a clinical history was obtained. Following that measurements were taken at the straightening and flexion of the leg - both of which were poor. I recall that I could only straighten my leg to 12 degrees (I presume 0 degrees is the aim) and I could only bend my leg to 72 degrees (again I presume the aim is 90 degrees). Following this, came the 'therapy' - firstly I can say that my calf, and foot were still significantly bruised. Those areas being rubbed for 10-20 minutes really hurt. At the end, I was given some exercises (which I am dutifully trying to follow) and some ways to activate my right leg at work.

In summary, 1 day post physiotherapy there have been significant positives from attending physiotherapy. The first and foremost is that it showed how much pain the knee/right leg is able to bear - this gave me confidence to push against that pain (because I knew it was bearable). Secondly, Vitamin E cream was applied to the 6 holes I have on my knee - this showed me that the area of the knee is not as tender as I thought it would be and that 3 weeks post surgery some significant healing has occurred. And lastly, the advice for keeping the leg active at work meant that the amount of swelling *seems* to have decreased significantly (I can see the bones in my right foot again!).

In conclusion, I am looking forward to going to physiotherapy next week.