Sunday, April 24, 2005


Well, I am back after four days in hospital, post right-knee synevectomy. Ok, so this is what happened:-

18th April, Day 1 post-operation (in hospital):- arrived back to room around 4pm; received pain-killers and anti-inflammatories and as a result no pain; felt slightly woozy 4-5 hours post-operation, informed that I had lost 800ml of blood from knee (drained via a knee shunt); nurses checked blood pressure, temperature every 4 hours; revealed that there were now 6 arthroscopic holes in my knee.

19th April, Day 2 post-operation (in hospital):- received continuous passive movement therapy; first attempt at standing post-operation; unable to bear weight without significant pain; blister on knee from bandages.

20th April, Day 3 post-operation (in hospital):- received continuous passive movement therapy; physiotherapist instructed on various leg strengthening exercises; able to walk slightly; significant bleeding occurring as a result of walking, and knee shunts being removed - discharge postponed another night.

21st April, Day 4 post-operation (discharge):- able to walk strongly (with the assistance of cruches); no bleeding; bandages re-applied; knee very inflamed; still on pain-killers; arrived back home