Sunday, April 24, 2005


Well, it is now 6 days post-operation and well I am confused in regard to the recovery that is taking place. I continue to be in no pain (when I am not moving), however, I have noticed that, what I like to call transitions are extremely painful. That is, when moving the leg from one state to another - so standing up is painful, stretching the leg straight from a bent position is painful, and in general any movement with the leg makes it painful. It is interesting but the entire left side, and back side of my right knee are now heavily bruised, so therefore, I do not know if the pain induced from leg movement is related to the surgery itself, or extraneous movement post-surgery (which may have led to the bruising). Moreover, I am confronted with variations in my right leg's ability - so at time I cannot even weight-bare, however, at other times, I am able to function almost-100% (eg. I was able to walk home from the MCG after seeing my beloved Hawthorn Hawks which equates to about a 1 km walk).

As a result of this, I have now reutrned to pain-killers (2 Panadeine) twice a day. I have another day off tomorrow and then I attend work on the Tuesday, so I will continue to monitor the state of my right leg.