Sunday, July 16, 2006

Inspiration ...

I just thought I would discuss the blogs; for those uninitiated blogs, according to the wikipedia are commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal diaries. So why read them? well because they are relevant and a dyanamic plug-in to one's interests. If you have no interests, then blogs are not for you ;)

I actually believe that blogs amuse me (thanks to a few friends with good, if infrequent writings), influence me, and even inspire me. How? Well what if you could read about the people's thoughts semi-daily of those that have made great achievements, or are trying to do so. To illustrate, firstly, most people would know (or maybe not) that Lonely Planet is a Melbournian company founded by Tony Wheeler 30 or so years ago - he has a blog and what a way to read about the spirit of travel (he is currently in Afghanistan!); secondly everyone knows Lance Armstrong, but what about Floyd Landis, currently second in the Tour de France, he writes daily about what he is going through and how he is riding with no hip (he has required hip replacement surgery for 2 years)! So one does not have to wait until the autobiography - one can just read about it online, everyday.

So who inspires you?

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sarah said...

With comments like "infrequent writings", you inspired me to post a blog entry.

I love reading blogs - to inspire and encourage. My favourite are the personal ones, often about people trying to survive in a new environment (after an overseas move, travelling etc) or just trying to survive life in general. It helps you to see that we're all the same in the end, with similar hopes, dreams, doubts and failings. Those people who are honest on their blogs, especially in self-reflection, inspire me to apply the same reflection to my own life. I don't quite have their confidence (or need) to post my inner-most-thoughts publicly but the exercise is useful nonetheless.