Monday, April 17, 2006

Google as my homepage

Firstly, I am a HUGE fan of Google (GMail, Google Desktop - will discuss these in future posts); I know this is not saying much as most people are. Nonetheless, I thought I would talk about using Google for your homepage as I have swtiched over from The Age (possibly the best newspaper in the world!) to this over the weekend. The advantages? well a homepage should be a portal where customised information can be accessed. This is what I like about Google as a homepage - it is somewhat customisable (always impressed when there is drag-and-drop on a web page) and the way I have configured the page, it displays:

  • a stack of recent email messages from GMail
  • information on news/interests
  • weather
  • no ads; not even Google ads!
This has saved me at least 3 clicks a day and I still have my 'Newspapers' favourite on Mozilla Firefox!

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Sohail said...

The Age - best newspaper in the world. Perhaps a bit narrow minded?

markyjones said...

Well not so sure about that - I read 'The Age', 'The Times', 'The NY Times' each day and up until recently, 'The Age' was the best presented on the Internet (e.g. centre-column based, wide, cross-pollination of articles, columns), and in terms of relevance (to me) I definately read more articles from 'The Age' than any other newspaper (I just wish that it wasn't the same format/content as 'SMH').